Advantages of being an Associate

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For the same price of the subscription, you get important services. Partnering does not imply any obligation for you. All are advantages.

The association fee is annual. When you make it effective, you can access the last published number and all these services and gifts, for only 40 €/year.

Services and Gift

  • Gift of the Revista Española de Drogodependencias for a year.

  • Access service to the entire editorial fund (previous numbers).

  • 50% discount on the Open Publication Service.

Business Administrative Services:

The SERADEM Company offers the following services to the AESED associates:

Discount in legal proceedings.

Discount in processing of the Data Protection Law.

Legal-fiscal, accounting and labor telephone consultations, free.

Free study of general insurance, life insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Telephone advice on traffic fines, in terms of addictions and alcohol.

High census for professionals and discharge of freelancers * and discount in module rate and direct estimation.

Discount on the income statement.

* As long as SERADEM  take you the taxation and / or accounting of your professional activity.

If you need more information, you can consult the web ( or contact by phone: +(34) 963 406 550.

Editing and Publishing Services
The global company COMUNICA S.L. offers a 20% discount to AESED associates in the following services:

  • Editing publications: We are specialized in the design, layout and editing of all types of publications: books, dissertations, journals, newsletters, etc. (see

  • Web: we do the design and the complete development of your web (see

  • Organization of scientific events: with a professional experience of more than 20 years, we offer specialized services for the organization of congresses, seminars, workshops, meetings, etc. We take care of the total or partial organization of your event (see

    • Design and application of the event image.

    • Logistics.

    • Technical secretary.

    • Scientific secretary.

    • Event website.

    • Edición de la publicación del evento (proceedings with communications, etc.).


If you need more information, you can consult our website ( or contact by phone: +(34) 963 941 932.