AESED is a scientific association that was founded in 1987 in the sphere of alcoholism and other drug addictions with the name of Drogalcohol, later changed to the "Asociación Española de Estudio en Drogodependencias" in 2000. Since it was set up, different institutions and professionals have all been cooperating to further the association's objectives, giving institutional and economic backing for different projects to be undertaken.

AESED was created to provide continuity for the scientific exchange work that the Revista Española de Drogodependencias has been providing since 1976 for professionals in the field of addictions (educators, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, social workers and others).

This is a non-profit-making scientific association made up of professionals from different disciplines and academic qualifications in the field of addictions, mental health, education and other social-healthcare fields connected with this. It is a nationwide concern and in 2004 was declared an 'association of public utility'.

The Asociación Española de Estudio en Drogodependencias (AESED) works all over Spain and its members include different professions involved in the field of addictions.

The Board of Directors is made up of the following persons:

President: Leonor Cano Pérez 
Vice-president: Francisco Verdú i Asensi 
Treasurer: Enrique Cano Pérez 
Secretary: Inmaculada Ferris Gamón 
Member: Josefina Alventosa del Río 
Member: Francisca Sayas Martínez 
Member: María Dolores Ferrer Castelló