Main activities of AESED:

  • The Revista Española de Drogodependencias. A pioneering publication on addiction, with an interdisciplinary focus, coming out quarterly since 1976 and acting as a vehicle for scientific communication between professionals in the field of addictions, declared of interest by the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs.

  • Publication of Monographs. In 1998 the Revista Española de Drogodependencias started to publish a number of annual monographic issues with the aim of going further into issues of greatest current scientific interest on addictions. The first of these was on Ultra-short Detoxifications, followed by Smoking, Drug Addiction Documentation Centres, HIV/AIDS, Prevention of Drugs, Nursing Healthcare: Addictions and Mental Health, Cannabis, 20 years of the National Drugs Plan, Alcohol and Cocaine, Personality and Drug Consumption and Therapeutic Communities, which have unquestionably helped to improve professionals' training and to enrich this network of knowledge on drugs.

  • Specific publications. As a Scientific Association, it has been bringing out publications on the treatment and prevention of addictions in which scientific progress in both areas is explained.
    We should stress the following: 

    • Comunicación es Prevención en Drogodependencias (Communication is prevention in drug addictions). ISBN-13: 978-84-612-0243-0. (2007)

    • Conduce sin riesgos Stúp2. Manual para comunicar sin riesgos añadidos (Risk-free driving Stúp2. A manual for communication with no added risks) . ISBN: 978-84-612-4007-4. (2008)

    • Aprender a comunicar. Comunicación es prevención de drogodependencias. Manual… (Learning to communicate. Communication is prevention in drug addictions. Manual…) ISBN: 978-84-613-2323870. (2009)


  • On-Line Training Workshops 
    AESED has implemented training schemes since it was set up in 1987, in different forms such as discussion seminars, conferences, university extension courses and now, since 2006 it has been giving a Continuous Training Programme in the On-Line workshop format intended for training and retraining professionals in different spheres (addictions, education, social services, healthcare services, pharmacologists and others). These workshops are given through Valencia University and have economic support from the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs. The academic recognition for each of these is given by the National Training Commission, which is the party that accredits these, and in the case of the Valencian Community, the Training Commission of the Valencian Healthcare Study Institution (EVES). 
    We should stress the following On-Line Training Workshops:

    • Alcohol. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    • Cannabis. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    • Cocaine and Craving. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    • Synthetic drugs. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    • Alcohol and Cocaine in the work environment. Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.